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Chili is our best doe and comes from a proven color-producing line. She is the 4th of quadruplets born on our farm in 2015. She has kidded both twins and quadruplets, all of which have her sturdy build and strong back. To see her pedigree, click here.


Maggie is a sassy, friendly doe, always ready for a snack or a scratch. She is a dedicated mother and has produced some of our most popular kids (both in color and personality). She is a sturdy, broad-shouldered animal who thrives on pasture grazing and uneven terrain. To see her pedigree, click here.



Yeager is our new herd sire, taking the place of our previous old man Goose. He is a fast-growing, vigorous, and sturdy boy with an impressively deep chest and eye-catching curls along his spine. Yeager kicked off his breeding career at The Flying T by siring quadruplet doelings.

To see Yeager's pedigree, click here.


Maven is a rough and tumble adventurer, with a healthy dose of her mother Maggie's friendliness. She thrives on foraging and spends her summer days exploring our wooded pasture in between catching catnaps with our Quarter Horse, Dallas.

To see Maven's pedigree, click here.



Jury is a sweet and gentle addition to our herd. She is a fantastic mother and has consistently thrown splashy color, including speckled ears. She boasts an incredibly long back and strong rump. To see her pedigree, click here.

Sadly, Jury passed away in early 2020.

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