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Double or Nothing

Two years ago, Chili birthed her first set of quads, four gorgeous red bucklings I like to refer to affectionately as The Spice Boys. This wasn't the first set of quads born at the Flying T, but it was the first where all four babies survived.

Enter 2020 and the craziness that brought with it - we lost our beautiful herd sire, Goose, last March, and though our replacement Yeager is growing fast and strong, our bossy ladies didn't want much to do with him during breeding season. We were expecting quite a lean kidding year with only one doe getting pregnant.

I feel like we've been doing this whole "misadventuring" farm thing for long enough that we should have known better than to get too comfortable with that assumption.

Maybe Maggie just felt left out of the whole Spice Boys party - maybe she just felt like she needed to compensate for being the only one pregnant. Regardless of motive, she accomplished the incredible feat of doubling our herd size in just 45 minutes, delivering four beautiful doelings - Sherlock, Jezero, Moxie, and Perseverence (all named after recent Mars missions). Jezero, baby #2, needed a little help to come out, as she had one foreleg back, but all her sisters were in the perfect delivery position, and Maggie needed very little assistance.

Thanks to Zoom technologies, we were even able to get the whole family involved in this event - I (Hana) watched excitedly from my dorm room, alongside grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from all across the country.

Moxie and Sherlock are already shaping up to be double-trouble, with Sherlock making her first foray out of her stall and into the barn aisle at less than 24-hours old. Maggie, also an avid escape artist, must be so proud.

Prices and other selling information are coming soon! Please direct any questions to us through our email: , or find us on Facebook and Facebook Messenger: @TheFlyingTRanch.

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