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Fall is Around the Corner

Last Year's Fall Foliage

We’re just starting to get a hint of color, and are excited for the Fall Foliage to arrive.

View Over the Barn, Sep 11th

Of course, if Autumn is just around the corner, Winter is close behind.  That means there’s not a lot of time left for us to get some of our tasks done around the farm.  Yesterday afternoon was a big day for that, and one of the projects was dividing the barn runout to allow the goats to share it with our horses (and ducks).

A few things to think about when building fences here.

1) The ground isn’t nearly as bad as North Texas clay, and T-posts and U-posts drive pretty easily, except…

2) They don’t call this the Granite State for nothing.  Every post I drive usually requires a couple re-starts due to me hitting a big rock a foot below the surface…

3) Measure twice, cut once applies to fence building also – every post was driven at least 3 times due not only to the rocks but also me realizing that I’d put it in the wrong place, and…

4) Dropping a fence driver on your nugget hurts like the dickens!

I’ve still got to finish the fence, but this morning I let them in to explore.  The goats seem to like the new digs, though Jasper (our Haflinger cross and boss of the barn) isn’t too happy that he can’t walk to the entry gate anymore.

Some pics from the weekend:

Jessie Meeting Jasper

Gracie (left) and Jessie (right)

They’re not in the barn, but the Barred Rocks are 5 days old today, already noticeably larger, and their wing feathers are becoming more prominent.

Barred Rocks at 4 Days

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