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First Day of Fall

A few pics from our first day of Fall here at the Flying T Ranch.

First Day of Fall at the Flying T - Leaves are Just Starting to Turn

Only a little longer before the hammock gets packed up for the season

The colors are just starting to show

The path to the back pasture is still green

But the ferns in our back pasture are starting to yellow

We've got our wood stacked and drying, though I've got a few more windfalls from Irene left to cut and split

The York Rake will get a lot of use (I use its grader blade to plow light snows)... I still hope to hit it with Naval Jelly and paint before Winter

Leaf on the rough-cut mower - the Red Maple seems to go well with John Deere green

Maple on a bed of moss

Shrooms and Moss

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